Retinal Detachment Stage 4A and 4B with Fibrovascular Membranes



This chapter is about vitrectomy for retinal detachment stage 4A and 4B with fibrovascular membranes. The membranes develop if you wait too long for treatment. The membranes lift up the retina resulting in a tractive retinal detachment. This pathology is surgically very difficult to treat. The surgery is described step-by-step. Videos are included.


Retinal detachment Vitrectomy Fibrovascular membranes 

Supplementary material

Video 24.1

Stage 4B with fibrovascular membranes (WMV 43129 kb)

Video 24.2

Tractional detachment secondary to fibrovascular membranes (WMV 101196 kb)

Video 24.3

Tractional detachment secondary to fibrovascular membranes (short) (WMV 24123 kb)

Video 24.4

Pediatric cataract with 27G (WMV 84598 kb)


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