Inadequate Laser Coagulation

  • Ulrich Spandau
  • Sang Jin Kim


This chapter is about complications of laser coagulation of newborn. Colour pictures and angiography pictures show in detail examples of eyes with an undertreatment or overtreatment of the retina after laser photocoagulation. An incomplete laser coagulation results often in a progression of the ROP disease and must be avoided.


Laser coagulation Incomplete laser coagulation Undertreatment Overtreatment 

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  • Ulrich Spandau
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  • Sang Jin Kim
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  1. 1.OphthalmologyUniversity of Uppsala OphthalmologyUppsalaSweden
  2. 2.Department of OphthalmologySamsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan UniversitySeoulSouth Korea

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