Pattern-Based Approach to Prostate Biopsy Interpretation

  • Rajal B. ShahEmail author
  • Ming Zhou


Diagnosis of prostate cancer is based primarily on its light microscopic morphological features. Previous chapters have already discussed in detail the morphological criteria for diagnosis of prostate cancer and distinction from other cancer mimickers. Many flowcharts, algorithms, and tables are used to illustrate the steps in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis. This chapter serves as a quick reference for working-up prostate biopsies with various morphological patterns. It will discuss succinctly the morphological patterns that are commonly seen in prostate biopsies and focus on morphological features and immunohistochemical markers most important for decision-making steps during the evaluation of a particular pattern.


Prostate cancer Pattern-based approach Algorithm Flowcharts Small glandular pattern Atrophy Cribriform lesion Atypical large gland Spindle cell lesion Neuroendocrine tumor Pleomorphic nuclei 

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