From Individual to Community Empowerment

  • Faraha Nawaz


This chapter highlights the link between individual and community. This chapter shows the extent to which microfinance creates new networks that motivate women to get involved, either individually or collectively, in community actions. The chapter describes how women as a group utilize their new platform to undertake collective community action. As far as this study is concerned, collective action is defined as the joint effort undertaken by a microfinance group or groups. An appropriate level of empowerment for women can only be achieved if their household level of empowerment spreads to the community level. The empirical examples of collective action reveals that comparatively more women respondents took actions for community social welfare activities and this had a spill over effect to non-members and other community people. However, when it was necessary to take challenging actions against patriarchal social norms, comparatively less women respondents were found to be involved.


Community Collective action Network Microfinance group Social welfare activities Challenging actions 


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