Postero-superior Rotator Cuff Tears

  • Patrick W. Kane
  • Jonas Pogorzelski
  • Erik M. Fritz
  • Peter J. Millett


The postero-superior rotator cuff is the most common location for full-thickness rotator cuff tears and leads to a significant amount of shoulder pain and disability annually. Advancements in arthroscopy and imaging have permitted improved identification of these tear patterns. Tears may be categorized as crescent, U-shaped, L-shaped, reverse-L-shaped or massive, contracted, immobile tears. The specific tear pattern is important as each pattern has a recommended treatment method based on biomechanical considerations.


Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Rotator cuff repair 

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  • Patrick W. Kane
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  • Jonas Pogorzelski
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  • Erik M. Fritz
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  • Peter J. Millett
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  1. 1.Department of Orthopedic SurgeryBeebe HealthcareLewesUSA
  2. 2.Department of Orthopaedic Sports MedicineTechnical University of MunichMunichGermany
  3. 3.Department of Orthopaedic SurgeryUniversity of MinnesotaMinneapolisUSA
  4. 4.Shoulder, Knee, Elbow and Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic SurgeryThe Steadman ClinicVailUSA

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