Economic and Institutional Foundations of Turkish Cypriot Governance and the ‘ITEM’ Law

  • Tufan Ekici
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Economic History book series (PEHS)


This chapter offers the institutional and political developments of Turkish Cypriot governance in the light of clientelism and rentierism. Backgrounds on the key political parties—CTP, UBP, TKP and DP—are presented, and the general structure of the state is also discussed. The chapter addresses the abiding issue of the ‘resettlement’ of Turkish Cypriots which included the allocation of immovable property to refugees, under the ITEM law, of those who had left their homes in the south of the island in the 1974 period, as well as migrants who were subsequently brought from Turkey to settle in the north. The author details the relevant laws in this regard and introduces data on the issues.


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