Combined Variant of Hybrid Micromachining Processes

  • Sumit BhowmikEmail author
  • Divya Zindani
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In a combined variant of hybrid micromachining processes, the total material removal rate is accrued from the micromachining processes constituting the combined arrangement. The individual constituents simultaneously effect the machining zone. A number of advantages are associated with the combined hybrid micromachining processes such as enhanced material removal rate, higher dimensional tolerances, etc. The present chapter highlights and discusses some of the least explored combined hybrid micromachining processes: micro-electrochemical discharge machining, simultaneous micro-electrical discharge machining, and micro-electrochemical machining and micro-electrochemical machining and micro-mechanical grinding, micro-electrical discharge machining and laser micro-drilling and jet electrochemical machining and micro-EDM and electrorheological fluid-assisted polishing.


Laser micro-drilling Jet electrochemical machining Micro-electrochemical machining Micro-mechanical grinding Micro-electrochemical discharge machining 


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