Overview of Hybrid Micro-manufacturing Processes

  • Sumit BhowmikEmail author
  • Divya Zindani
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Micromachining processes have been cynosure for the manufacturing industries owing to its potential to manufacture micro-components such as microsensors, micro-displays, micro-batteries, etc. The different micromachining techniques have established themselves in different areas of daily life such as automotive, photonics, medical instruments, renewable energy, and aerospace. The micro-components are made from multiple materials and are of complex shapes that demand accuracy at submicron levels. To meet the accuracy expectations, a number of micromachining processes and their integration are required. The present chapter conceptualizes the hybrid micromachining processes providing a brief introduction, classification, and few recent applications of the processes. The importance of hybrid machining techniques is reflected in the future scope provided towards the end of the chapter. The chapter finally ends with the concluding remarks.


Classification Electro-discharge micro-grinding Electrochemical discharge micromachining Laser-assisted micro-milling Electrochemical discharge micro-grinding Pulse-assisted electrochemical machining process Electromagnetic-assisted micromachining 


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