Secure IoT Supply Chain Management Solution Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technology

  • Cristian TomaEmail author
  • Bogdan TalpigaEmail author
  • Catalin BojaEmail author
  • Marius PopaEmail author
  • Bogdan IancuEmail author
  • Madalina ZuriniEmail author
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Supply Chain has played a key role in developing the corporate processes and significantly improved the way they interconnect one to each other. In the last decades, the Supply Chain Management has attracted the attention of academic research, in the scope of improving or creating better solution for coordinating the flaws that undergo a supply chain. Last research in the area have focused on the integration properties of the Supply Chains. This is due to the globalization effects over the worldwide economy. The study of the integration creates the knowledge and the infrastructure needed for the networks of interdependent corporations, in order to provide a more dynamic demand and supply of products and services. The paper presents a solution by using the block chain and smart contracts technologies within IoT – Internet of Things environment.


Blockchain IoT Ethereum Supply chain Logistics Solidity DApp Smart contract 



This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, CCCDI UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0272/Avantgarde Technology Hub for Advanced Security (ATLAS), within PNCDI III.

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  1. 1.Department of Economic Informatics and CyberneticsThe Bucharest University of Economic StudiesBucharestRomania
  2. 2.ICT | Cyber Security Master ProgramThe Bucharest University of Economic StudiesBucharestRomania

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