Local Tradition Meets Gastronomy: The Example of Mount Athos Area Kouzina

  • Magda Peistikou
  • Natasha Iliopoulou
Conference paper
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This study investigated in depth the growth of interest in combining tourism with food, and more specifically the interaction among gastronomy, tourism, and tradition. Food appears to be an essential element of travel experience contributing significantly in tourist’s pleasure during their vacation period. Tourism suppliers, especially in Halkidiki, Greece, realised that they should approach hospitality through a different perspective where local culture and traditions would meet gastronomy and urban life. In order to understand in depth the importance of this transformation in hospitality and travel experience, the example of Mount Athos Area Kouzina festival is being analysed as a case study of this paper. Mount Athos Area Kouzina, was conceptualized and initiated by chef Dina Nikolaou in 2011 and is being organized by the Mount Athos Area Organization ever since.


Tourism Gastronomy Mount Athos Area Kouzina 


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  • Magda Peistikou
    • 1
  • Natasha Iliopoulou
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