Analysis of Data Governance Implications on Big Data

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  • Johannes Cronje
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This paper explores the governance dynamics of big data, the possible governance challenges and gaps that come with the adoption of big data in organizations. On its arrival, big data technology brought along a massive hype and disruption in the world of business. The unique ability to processes large quantities of information, analyze it and make well informed data driven decisions is the main reason for such a disruption. Globally businesses, governments organizations have come to realize the gains of big data and they are currently developing plans to implement and expand big data technologies. Even though these organizations are busy exploring different plans to leverage big data, little or no attention is paid to big data governance and thus lack of big data governance remains the ghost that continues to haunt companies. This paper focuses on the arising governance dynamics on big data. Apart from the issue of increasing data scope, big data also complicates the governance processes, policies, people roles and these necessitates the need for new approach, methods, controls and policies that are best suited to govern big data.


Big data Data governance Big data governance 


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