Endoscopic Discectomy

  • Jonathan D. Carlson
  • Abram H. Burgher
  • Gabriel P. Jasper


Lumbar disc prolapse can cause lumbar radiculopathy – one of the most common forms of chronic pain. For cases not responding to conservative care, discectomy may be an effective treatment for disc prolapse. Since the development of the modern discectomy in the 1930s, advances in instrumentation and techniques, such as the use of a microscope, have gradually enabled less invasive procedures. Since the early 1990s, endoscopic discectomy has offered a minimally invasive method of discectomy. Clinical evidence suggests that endoscopic discectomy provides similar pain relief and improved disability to open discectomy and faster patient recovery.


Endoscopic discectomy Disc prolapse Disc herniation Disc protrusion Disc extrusion Minimally invasive Radiculopathy Sciatica 

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