Real-Time HDTV-to-8K TV Hardware Upconverter

  • Seiichi GohshiEmail author
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8K is the pinnacle of the video systems and 8K broadcasting service will be started in December 2018. However, the availability of content for 8K TV is still insufficient, a situation similar to that of HDTV in the 1990s. Upconverting analogue content to HDTV content was important to supplement the insufficient HDTV content. This upconverted content was also important for news coverage as HDTV equipment was heavy and bulky. The current situation for 8K TV is similar wherein covering news with 8K TV equipment is very difficult as this equipment is much heavier and bulkier than that required for HDTV in the 1990s. The HDTV content available currently is sufficient, and the equipment has also evolved to facilitate news coverage; therefore, an HDTV-to-8K TV upconverter can be a solution to the problems described above. However, upconversion from interlaced HDTV to 8K TV results in an enlargement of the images by a factor of 32, thus making the upconverted images very blurry. Super resolution (SR) is a technology to solve the enlargement blur issue. One of the most common SR technologies is super resolution image reconstruction (SRR). However, SRR has limitations to use for the HDTV-to-8K TV upconverter. In this paper an HDTV-to-8K TV upconverter with nonlinear processing SR has been proposed in this study in order to fix this issue.


8KTV 4KTV HDTV Up-convert Super resolution with non-linear processing Super resolution image reconstruction Learning based super resolution Non-linear signal processing 


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