Batch Processing of Shortest Path Queries in Road Networks

  • Mengxuan ZhangEmail author
  • Lei Li
  • Wen Hua
  • Xiaofang Zhou
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Shortest path algorithm is a foundation to various location-based services (LBS) and has been extensively studied in the literature. However, server-side shortest path calculation faces a severe scalability issue when the business expands and a huge amount of requests are submitted to the server simultaneously. Although a straightforward solution widely-adopted in current industry is to deploy more processing resources, in this work, we aim to improve the efficiency algorithmically by answering queries in a batch and reusing shareable computations. In particular, we generalize the goal-directed A* algorithm to correctly solve the batch processing problem with localized destinations. We further propose two decomposition algorithms to deal with scenarios where the destinations are sparse. Extensive evaluations on a real-world road network verify the superiority of our algorithm compared with state-of-the-art methods.


Shortest path Batch process Road network 



This research is partially supported by the Australian Research Council (Grants No. DP150103008 and DP170101172).


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  • Lei Li
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  • Wen Hua
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  • Xiaofang Zhou
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