Big Data and Advanced Analytics

  • Arshiya BegumEmail author
  • Farheen FatimaEmail author
  • Rabia HaneefEmail author
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Today a huge amount of data is collected and added in modern information system each day which become difficult to manage as it keeps on growing. To manage such type of data, Big Data and its emerging technology have been used. Big Data with their potential have attracted substantial interest both in academics and practitioners. Many organizations have adopted big data analytics which has become the trending practice to construct valuable information from data. The Analytic process uses big data Tools, and an organization uses such tools to improve operational efficiency to derive new revenue streams and to get competitive advantage over business rivals.

Also, Business Intelligence has captured more market in academic, e-commerce, and business over the last decades. Business Intelligence (BI) is facing challenges due to the latest development of big data which uses big data analytics to enhance BI.

Given the significant nature of both big data and big data Analytics, The main objective of this paper is to discuss the advanced analytics techniques and challenges.


Big Data Business Intelligence Advanced analytics 


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