Study of Wastewater Treatment’s Scenarios of the Faculty of Sciences - Ain Chock, Casablanca

Proposal I: Vertical Flow Filter
  • Nihad ChakriEmail author
  • Btissam El Amrani
  • Faouzi Berrada
  • Fouad Amraoui
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In the context of water stress in our country, alternative solutions for better management of water resources are to be developed. It’s in this spirit that our research team initiated a project to design a prototype for the purification of part of the wastewater from our Faculty in order to reuse it.

This prototype is an open-air educational tool for students from different disciplines of our Faculty.

Laboratory tests for the three scenarios have been carried out to highlight the most suitable process for local conditions, namely:
  • Scenario I: settling basin followed by a vertical flow filter.

  • Scenario II: settling basin followed by two Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors.

  • Scenario III: settling basin followed by two Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors then a vertical flow filter.

In this study, only the wastewater treatment with vertical flow filter was addressed. So, after identification and characterization of the liquid discharges, we designed and implemented four purification prototypes when they are fed by liquid discharges, previously decanted, toilets of the Faculty.

The best reduction was obtained by combining pozzolans and reeds, which is probably due to the combined action of macrophytes, bacteria and the physical barrier constituted by the filter body.

Based on the results obtained at laboratory scale, we designed and implemented a prototype of a mini-wastewater treatment plant of the Faculty. Construction work is currently underway.

This project would allow in-depth experimental studies to define the ideal system for establishing the procedure of optimal selection to filtering material, the type of plants, the length of stay, parameters analyzed…


Wastewater Purification Gravel Pozzolan Reuse Sustainable development Planted filter Reeds 


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  • Nihad Chakri
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  • Btissam El Amrani
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  • Faouzi Berrada
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  • Fouad Amraoui
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  1. 1.Treatment and Valorisation of Water Laboratory of Geosciences Applied to the Arrangement Engineering (G.A.A.E.), Faculty of Sciences - Aïn ChockHassan II UniversityCasablancaMorocco
  2. 2.Hydrosciences, Laboratory of Geosciences Applied to Arrangement Engineering (G.A.A.E.), Faculty of Sciences - Aïn ChockHassan II UniversityCasablancaMorocco

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