Aesthetic Full Coronal Coverage Restorations

  • Meenakshi S. Kher
  • Ashwin Rao


Anterior aesthetics in primary teeth is challenged by tooth anatomy, the extensive nature of carious lesions in primary teeth, and the trials of working with very little children. Resin-based or composite strip crowns fulfil the requirements of a good aesthetic restoration including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and excellent visual outcomes. The “novel” technique of using strip crown forms explained in this chapter enhances the aesthetic outcome of this all-composite restorative technique like never before. However long-term stability of the resin restoration continues to pose a challenge. The advent of preformed zirconia crowns offers an exciting alternative for anterior full coronal coverage. The aesthetics, biocompatibility, stability, and durability of zirconia crowns make them a necessity in the armamentarium for every clinician treating children. For parents seeking an aesthetic alternative for full coronal coverage in the posterior region, posterior zirconia crowns are a viable alternative to preformed metal crowns. This chapter elucidates, with the help of clinical tips, high-resolution clinical pictures, and long-term follow-ups, the step-by-step use of “strip crowns” and “anterior and posterior prefabricated zirconia crowns.”


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