An Introduction to: Globalization and Development—Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business and Policy Insights from Asia and Africa

  • Nezameddin Faghih
Part of the Contributions to Management Science book series (MANAGEMENT SC.)


This introduction provides an overview of globalization and development—entrepreneurship, innovation, business and policy insights from Asia and Africa. The emphasis is principally on the link between development and globalization, various features, aspects and evidences of development and different dimensions of globalization processes and structures, focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, business and policy insights from Asia and Africa.

It explains the contents of the book and various chapters attempted by a number of researchers and scholars who are teaching, conducting research and involved in academic institutions to address and discuss the most recent issues and future challenges in this field. The research papers presented in this book can also provide new insights into the corresponding aspects and evidences of globalization in developing economies for the individuals who are interested in comparative studies.


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  • Nezameddin Faghih
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  1. 1.UNESCO Chair in EntrepreneurshipParisFrance

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