Pure NOTES Transanal TME

  • Joel Leroy
  • Frédéric Bretagnol
  • Nguyen Ngoc Dan
  • Hoa Nguyen Hoang
  • Truc Vu Trung
  • Chuc Phan Ngoc


We aim to describe a full transanal procedure for oncologic resection of the rectum and of its mesentery without any abdominal laparoscopic assistance. The rationale, the different steps of this technique, and the required armamentarium and indications are described and illustrated.


Pure Transanal TME taTME NOTES Rectal cancer TEO TEM Transanal platform 


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  5. 5.Hanoi Medical UniversityHanoiVietnam
  6. 6.St Paul Hospital, Digestive Colorectal Department of Minimally Invasive SurgeryHanoiVietnam

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