CESIS: Cost-Effective and Self-Regulating Irrigation System

  • Kaushal A. Shah
  • Meet Patel
  • Monil Khasakiya
  • Saad Kazi
  • Pinkesh Khalasi
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 27)


We propose CESIS (Cost-Effective and Self-regulating Irrigation System) in this chapter. The focus of our work is on reducing the wastage of water as India being an agriculture-aligned country, water is the most significant resource. It is a challenge to save water as this resource is getting depleted with time. Therefore, we need a smart and effective system to handle the process of water irrigation. In this chapter, we propose CESIS that uses moisture sensors to sense the moisture level of the soil (agricultural field) and supplies water based on the requirement automatically. The CESIS is an IoT (Internet of Things)-related design that governs the water supply to the farm requiring irrigation. The sensors are connected to NodeMCU which sends moisture level data to Raspberry Pi in a wireless manner using MQTT protocol. When the soil of the farm gets dry, moisture sensors sense the same and Raspberry Pi automatically sends the signal to turn the motor ON. We have kept a threshold for the water level and as soon as it is reached, Raspberry Pi and NodeMCU take the control and maintain water level accordingly. How the IoT devices like Raspberry Pi and NodeMCU are used to govern the process of water supply in the rural areas is described through our work. The experimental results of CESIS show how the all-important resource water is saved by automatic governance of water irrigation. We also propose a CESIS variant that is more cost effective.


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  • Meet Patel
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  • Monil Khasakiya
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  • Saad Kazi
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  • Pinkesh Khalasi
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  1. 1.Chotubhai Gopalbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Uka Tarsadia UniversityBardoliIndia

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