Current Problems of Enterprises’ Digitalization

  • A. B. VishnyakovaEmail author
  • I. S. Golovanova
  • A. A. Maruashvili
  • P. Zhelev
  • D. V. Aleshkova
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One of the key components of the economy of the Russian Federation at the present stage of economic development is industrial production. Such significant indicators as the country’s GDP, the provision of the population with necessary products and services, labor productivity within the sectors of the national economy, the level of technological and environmental safety directly depend on the pace of development and the state of industrial sectors. The economic and defense potential of the country is largely determined by the dynamic development of enterprises of the machine-building complex. The state of the material and technical base and the level of innovation indicate the need to develop a number of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of large machine-building enterprises. Currently, due attention is not paid to the investment strategy development. Because of this, it is impossible to implement the most important programs of systemic modernization of the leading sectors of Russian economy and, above all, engineering. The relevance of deepening technological development within industrial production is assigned at the legislative level. In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation “On the Strategy of the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation”, the main priority areas in the scientific and technological development of the country will be the development of relevant scientific and technological programs that will promote the innovative development of domestic products and services in the next 10–15 years [11]. The competitiveness of new developments will be largely ensured by digitalization and modernization of industrial enterprises.


Digital economy Digitalization Economic system Information management Industrial production Process automation 


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