Nonlinear Control of an Aerogenerator Including DFIG and AC/DC/AC Converters

  • Aziz WatilEmail author
  • Abdelmounime El magri
  • Abdelhadi Raihani
  • Rachid Lajouad
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure book series (LNITI)


This paper addresses the problem of controlling wind energy conversion systems (WECS) involving doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) fed by IGBT based buck-to-buck converters. The main control objective is to maximize wind energy extraction which cannot be achieved without letting the wind turbine rotor operate in variable speed mode. A multiloop nonlinear controller is designed to meet three main control objectives: (i) speed reference optimization in order to extract a maximum wind energy whatever the wind speed by (MPPT) requirement; (ii) power factor correction (PFC) to avoid net harmonic pollution; (iii) regulating the DC Link voltage. A multiloop nonlinear controller is synthesized using the backstepping design technique. To determine the reference torque in order to allow DFIG turning at reference speed, the Sliding mode control approach is convoked. A formal analysis based on Lyapunov stability is carried out to describe the control system performances. In addition to closed-loop global asymptotic stability. It is proven that all control objectives (rotor speed tracking, stator flux regulation, DC link voltage regulation and unitary power factor) are asymptotically achieved.


Wind energy conversion system Doubly fed induction generator Buck-to-buck MPPT Nonlinear control 


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  • Aziz Watil
    • 1
    Email author
  • Abdelmounime El magri
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  • Abdelhadi Raihani
    • 1
  • Rachid Lajouad
    • 1
  1. 1.SSDIA Laboratory, ENSET MohammediaHassan II University CasablancaMohammediaMorocco

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