Efficiency Analysis of WLS Algorithm with Constant Matrices on Well and Ill Conditioned Power Systems

  • Meriem MajdoubEmail author
  • Jamal Boukherouaa
  • Bouchra Cheddadi
  • Abdelaziz Belfqih
  • Omar Sabri
  • Touria Haidi
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Traditionally, power flows have gone downstream from the transmission network to the distribution level under the control of transmission system operator through state estimation algorithms. Nowadays, the electricity grid is in transition with the integration of distributed renewable generation, smart cities, electric vehicles and storage technologies which is challenging the traditional monitoring of distribution system and calling for the development of state estimation algorithms fitting distribution system peculiarities. Lack of measurements and computational burden represents two major constraints encountered at distribution level. This paper presents the possibilities offered by two variants of the basic Weighted Least Squares Algorithm to reduce state estimation computation time tested on well and ill conditioned bus systems.


Power flows Transmission system State estimation Distributed renewable generation Smart cities Electric vehicles Distribution system Weighted least squares algorithm 


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