Array Antenna for Wireless Communication 5G

  • Mondir AnouarEmail author
  • Setti Larbi
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The scope of this study is to design and develop a miniature antenna of 5G Generation and a system for multiple inputs and outputs (MIMO); we want to make a design of capable antennas for applications of 5G. On this paper is designed of a 2-element microstrip patch antenna array for dual-band 5G communications. The proposed antenna array is compact with size of 14 × 23 mm 2 at 23.4 GHz and 26.5 and 30.32 GHz, respectively. The dual-band response is achieved by etching a T-shaped slot from the main radiator. It is observed from the results that the proposed array is able to provide resonance for desired frequency bands. Furthermore, the proposed antenna array exhibits Omni-directional radiations and offers an acceptable gain for both frequency bands.


Mmwave technology 5G Antenna microstrip technology T-slotted 



The authors would especially like to thank Pr. LARBI SETTI for the useful discussion. And RIDA EL RAMINDI for help me in


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