Security Study of Different Threats in Internet of Things

  • Imane SahmiEmail author
  • Tomader Mazri
  • Nabil Hmina
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure book series (LNITI)


The Internet of Things becomes a concept that will be used by everyone, anytime and everywhere in the upcoming years. Internet of Things will foster billion of devices, people and services to interconnect and exchange information and sensitive data. That’s why securing the communication through IoT is one of the greatest challenges faced by the scientist’s community today in their recent research’s. Therefore, it can be safely commercialized. This paper discusses the different security threats and vulnerabilities according to these three components: security threats on data and network, security threats on privacy and security threats on system and IoT through a review of the available literature. This study includes also a state of the art survey about the various physical attacks, network attacks and software ones. Finally, we will try to contribute by some recommendations and open research that should be done to improve the security of Internet of Things.


Security Internet of things Threats 


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