Security Study on Three Modes of Connection for a Connected Car and Attack Simulation

  • Kawtar JellidEmail author
  • Tomader Mazri
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The connected car is the automobile which detects alone contextual elements and passes on to the driver, to the owner, to the manufacturer or to the third all or part of the information which it collects. Covering the help to the conduct, the comfort and the leisure activities in the passenger compartment, the assistance, the safety of the other users, or the planning of the maintenance, going as far as piloting the return on investment initial, In the intelligent vehicle, the car becomes a platform of great sensor, absorbing the information of the environment, other cars (and of the driver) and feeding him towards other cars and infrastructures for a safe navigation, In this article, we examine briefly the search as regards the modes of connection of the car connected by making a security study on every mode of connection of the car connected, as well as the solutions possible to assure the safety in every mode finally a classification of attacks for every type of connection of the car connected and their effect.


Car connected Embedded Integrated Shared connectivity V2V V2I 


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