Heat Resistant Monitoring System for Medical Sterile Containers

  • Lukas BöhlerEmail author
  • Mateusz Daniol
  • Anton Keller
  • Ryszard Sroka
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 548)


In this paper we focus on the issue of the increasing amount of treatments in modern hospitals and the need to increase on the one hand the efficiency and on the other hand to decrease costs without decreasing the safety. Therefore, this research is about the development of a tracking and sensor system, applicable in medical sterile containers including a thermal insulation protecting the electronics against the sterilisation process. Using this system can increase the efficiency by tracking the containers within a hospital and signalizing its status. For this reason different tracking technologies were discussed and sterilisation tests with several RFID transponders were made. Furthermore, the shown sensor system can increase the safety by providing data about the last sterilisation process and the overall state of the sterile container.


Tracking Sensors RFID Sterilisation Safety Digitalisation 


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