Transition to Stability: The Greek Left in 1974

  • Kostis Karpozilos
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This chapter explores how the Greek Left responded to the downfall of the military regime in the summer of 1974 and the question of transition to a new political order. It argues that the parties of the communist Left disassociated themselves from radical aims and opted for a cautious policy that would allow them to reenter national politics. This stance was shaped by traumatic historical legacies of the 1940s and the defeat of the Left at the moment of post-war transition. Therefore, this chapter highlights the shaping of the political imagination of the Left at moments of national crises and the particulars of the transition to the Third Greek Republic.



I would like to thank the editors of this volume for their invitation and insightful comments. I would also like to thank Vangelis Karamanolakis, Tassos Sakelaropoulos, and Sotiris Walden for their valuable suggestions and close reading of earlier versions of this manuscript.

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