Integrating People and Intelligent Systems by Design

  • Stuart White
  • Alana NicastroEmail author
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A profound problem facing the Marine Corps today is its struggle to understand the complex nature of learning. The ability to learn is the most essential part of a being a Marine; even though it is the least understood. Integrating people and intelligent systems while expanding the boundaries of current state-of-the-art technologies is an exciting mandate by the United States Marine Corps—yet without partnering with those who can design significant learning experiences for our military personnel, we fall short of excellence. Cultivating relationships outside of the Marine Corps, as it turns out, is a strategic asset to drive learning innovation and improve institutional message alignment. Learning is essentially about realizing desired change. The authors of this narrative advocate for dialogue on the design of learning in relationship to maneuver warfare and discuss the need to collaborate with a local research university to understand the critical problems facing the military.


Learning Maneuver warfare Institutional message alignment Enact intelligence 

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