Visual Fields and Imaging in Glaucoma

  • Carlos Gustavo De MoraesEmail author


In recent decades, glaucoma diagnosis has evolved. Once defined as a disease of high intraocular pressure, current definitions of glaucoma instead focus on the disease as a primary disorder of the optic nerve, often, but not always, accompanied by elevated pressures. This evolution in the understanding of glaucomatous optic nerve disease has been a motivating factor behind the shift in glaucoma identification and progression. Both visual field and fundus disc imaging, which have been used for many years, have seen technological improvements which have enhanced glaucoma management, and the addition of objective, noninvasive, and rapid OCT testing has added greatly to the ability to accurately diagnose glaucoma in its earliest stages and to adequately assess the patient’s response to ongoing treatment.


Visual field testing in glaucoma Glaucoma visual fields Imaging in glaucoma Glaucoma imaging Perimetry Optic disc photography Optical coherence tomography Visual field progression analysis 

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