Case Study of Bitcoin and Its Halal Dimension

  • Farrukh Habib
  • Salami Saheed Adekunle


Crypto-asset is a form of digital or electronic asset, which was introduced with the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. The authors’ own definition of crypto-asset is that ‘it is a digital representation of value that uses cryptographic encryption technique.’ Before delving into the main discussion, it is crucial to mention at the very beginning of this chapter that according to the authors, the term ‘cryptocurrency’ is a misnomer and a nomenclature which is used inappropriately. It has been made clearer in another chapter of this book that neither all types of crypto-assets are ‘currencies,’ nor ‘cryptocurrencies’ are the only type of crypto-assets. Actually, cryptocurrencies are a subset of crypto-assets, while there are many other types of crypto-assets.


Bitcoin Case study Shari’ah Cryptocurrency 


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