Stromal Disease

  • Melanie Corbett
  • Nicholas Maycock
  • Emanuel Rosen
  • David O’Brart


Stromal disease can directly cause focal steepening (e.g. stromal swelling) or flattening (e.g. stromal thinning), with a reverse effect on the immediately adjacent area as the curvature returns to normal.

When more layers of stroma are involved, particularly eccentrically, distant compensatory effects occur due to transmission of forces through the tensions within the cornea. Stability of the corneal shape is normally maintained by densely packed collagen lamellae arching from limbus to limbus and an elliptical ring of collagen around the base of the cornea at the limbus. A focal thinning or weakening causes flattening of the affected meridian, and there is a compensatory steepening in the perpendicular meridian.


Corneal topography Corneal stromal disease Corneal steepening Corneal flattening Collagen lamellae Collagen orientation Stromal thinning Stromal swelling Corneal ulcer Peripheral gutter 


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  • Emanuel Rosen
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  • David O’Brart
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  3. 3.ManchesterUK
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