Krill Herd Algorithm

  • Laith Mohammad Qasim AbualigahEmail author
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 816)


Krill herd (KH) algorithm has a unique behavior to solve the text clustering problem. This algorithm was introduced by Gandomi and Alavi in the year 2012 to solve global optimization functions (Gandomi, Alavi, Communications in nonlinear science and numerical simulation, 17(12):4831–4845, (2012)). This section presents the modeling of the basic-krill herd algorithm (KHA) for the TDCP (Abualigah, Khader, Al-Betar, Awadallah, 2016 IEEE symposium on computer applications and industrial electronics (ISCAIE), pp 67–72, (2016)).


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