The UK and Argentina: Economic Interdependence, Informal Empire, or Just Good Friends?

  • Martin Robson


This chapter focuses on the relationship, historical and contemporary, between Argentina and the United Kingdom. It commences with an assessment of the utility of the ‘informal empire’ concept to understanding economic interdependence theory during the nineteenth century relationship between the two nations before the decline of the relationship in the twentieth century as other nations, such as the United States, became more influential in Argentine economics. For much of the history of relations between the two nations there was an imbalance in the economic relationship which favoured the United Kingdom. The chapter also assesses the decline in the importance of Argentine markets down to the Falklands War of 1982, which continued to influence contemporary debates about the two countries until the election of President Macri in 2015 signalled a change in Argentine approaches. Disagreement about the Falkland Islands has not gone away, but now both Argentina and the UK are focused on the common ground of economic benefit.

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