Oral Health

  • Silvia Maria Rocha Piedade Damasceno
  • Marly Kimie Sonohara Gonzalez
  • Renata Bastos Del Hoyo Fernandes
  • Vera Lucia Gramuglia


In sports medicine, oral health is one of the cornerstones of an athlete’s global health because it has direct and bidirectional relationship with dynamic body balance and athletic performance. Therefore, a periodical evaluation is fundamental to verify and monitor oral health quality and also to examine the presence of local and secondary oral lesions caused by nutritional deficiencies and systemic diseases. This assessment favors early diagnosis and approach, contributing to a shorter removal from training and competitions while minimizing the occurrence of more serious lesions and sequelae. Seven essential points for a systematic assessment of an athlete’s oral health are presented and discussed in this chapter.


Oral health Oral exam Oral manifestations Sports nutrition Athletic performance Athlete health 


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