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The aim of this book is to discuss global political economy in the context of a reflective social science. This is necessary in an era when technique is celebrated, especially in the social sciences, where the concern for a particular methodology dominates. Although particular methodological sophistication forms an important basis for the conduct of technical social research, it is insufficient for the establishment of a rational social science whose practitioners are aware of what they are doing, and are able to question why they are doing it, i.e., they are informed about the means and consequences of their endeavor. This requires a much broader and self-reflective approach to social research. This requires the understanding that in addition to the use of the knowledge of a technique, researchers are involved in a distinctive human process through which they create knowledge. Such understanding is in sharp contrast to the prevailing view of research as neutral, technical process through which researchers discover knowledge. Such understanding recognizes that research, as the process of knowledge creation, involves much more than just the application of a method.


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