Developing a Beacon-Based Location System Using Bluetooth Low Energy Location Fingerprinting for Smart Home Device Management

  • Chih-Kun KeEmail author
  • Wang-Chi Ho
  • Ke-Cheng Lu
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This study explores BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon indoor positioning for smart home power management. We propose a novel system framework using BLE Beacon to detect the user location and conduct power management in the home through a mobile device application. Due to the BLE Beacon may produce the multipath effect, this study uses the positioning algorithm and hardware configuration to reduce the error rate. Location fingerprint positioning algorithm and filter modification are used to establish a positioning method for facilitating deployment and saving computing resources. The experiments include observing the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicators) and selecting the filters; discussing the relationship between the characteristics of the BLE Beacon signal accuracy and the number of the BLE Beacon deployed in space; the BLE Beacon multilateration positioning combined with the In-Snergy intelligent energy management system for smart home power management. The contribution is to allow users to enjoy smart home services based on the location using a mobile device application.


Bluetooth low energy beacon Smart home Multipath effect Fingerprint location algorithm Multilateration positioning 



This research was supported in part by the Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C. with a MOST grant 107-2221-E-025-005.


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