Research on Intelligent Decision of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Disease Based on Data Mining

  • Guifen Chen
  • Wang Ke
  • Ma LiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 509)


Aiming at the problem that the low diagnostic efficiency and low accuracy of the single data mining method for Diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, In this study, the electronic records of 1203 cases of tuberculosis patients in Changping District City, Beijing City of Beijng and Beijing Institute of tuberculosis control and tuberculosis control were build, Tuberculosis disease diagnosis model is built by application of rough set and decision tree method, On the basis of this, the diagnosis system of pulmonary tuberculosis was constructed. In this study, the combining method of rough set and decision tree was approached to attribute reduction, the model reduced redundant 57 attributes and remained 22 attributes, and articled 7 the decision rules. The model accuracy is 89.46%. Compared with the non reduction method, the decision rule was reduced by 128%, and the accuracy of the model remained unchanged. The research results showed that the algorithm can reduce the time and space complexity of the algorithm while ensuring the accuracy of the model, so as to improve the efficiency of the mining, and provide some references for clinical diagnosis.


Pulmonary tuberculosis disease Rough set Decision tree Intelligent diagnosis 



Funding for this research was provided by The national Spark plan “based on the IOT of maize precision technology integration and demonstration” (2015GA66004).


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