Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Alfalfa Management in Zuli River Basin

  • Rui GuoEmail author
  • Cui Yun Wang
  • Xue Ying Shang
  • Xuan Mi
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Taken Alfalfa as an example, this study analyzed the impact of returning cultivated land to grassland in Zuli River basin. The entropy weight method was used to appraise the growth years for alfalfa. The results showed that the appropriate years for alfalfa in the northern of the basin is nine and sex for the southern of the basin. After the recommended planting years, the composite index significantly decreased. Then, the yield of alfalfa in Zuli river basin was expressed in map using multiple regression method.


Yield GIS Multiple regression Entropy weight method 



Financial support from Lanzhou City University’s doctoral research fund (LZCU-BS2013-01) and Lanzhou City University’s research fund for young teachers (LZCU-QN2017-20) are gratefully acknowledged.


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