Traditional Music Across Costa Rica from the Caribbean Afro-Latin Perspective

  • Carlos Saavedra ReyesEmail author
Part of the Science Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Science book series (SACH, volume 8)


In the present transcribed, edited and annotated talk, renowned musician and scholar Carlos Saavedra Reyes guides us through a cultural musical trip starting from the historical roots of calypso in the Afro-Caribbean tradition, all the way to Costa Rica’s west as expressed through the quijongo and the punto guanacasteco. The speaker discusses how music has been a difficult knot in the subject of Costa Rican national identity.

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  1. Saavedra-Reyes, C. (1999). Compendio de percusión afrolatina [Compendium of Afro-Latin percussion]. Costa Rica: Editorial Fundación UNA.Google Scholar

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