Comparison of Dissolution Kinetics of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steelmaking Slag

  • Mukesh SharmaEmail author
  • Neslihan Dogan
Conference paper
Part of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series book series (MMMS)


Nonmetallic oxide inclusions of Al2O3, Al2TiO5, and CaO · 2Al2O3 (CA2) types are responsible for clogging of ceramic nozzles during liquid steel processing. The dissolution of these inclusions in steelmaking slags alleviates the clogging phenomenon. The in situ dissolution behavior a single oxide particle is studied in a synthetic CaO–Al2O3–SiO2 type slag using a high-temperature confocal scanning laser microscope at 1550 °C. The rate determining step for Al2O3 and CA2 inclusions was confirmed to be mass transport control in slag. The rate determining step for dissolution of Al2TiO5 needs further investigation. The rate of dissolution varied in the order from slowest to fastest: Al2O3 < CA2 < Al2TiO5.


Inclusion dissolution Alumina Aluminum titanate Calcium aluminate Confocal scanning laser microscope 


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  1. 1.Steel Research CenterMcMaster UniversityHamiltonCanada

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