Research on the Current Situation and Development of Intelligent Precision Fertilizer Technology

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  • Wang Fan
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Accurate preparation technique of water and fertilizer is the combination of irrigation and fertilization organically, and it is applied to the crop root system accurately to make the crop root system fully and directly absorb the water and fertilizer coupling solution. At present, there are mainly nutrient solution management method based on conductivity (EC) value, nutrient solution management method for nutrient addition and nutrient solution management method based on crop model. Based on the “integration of water and fertilizer” technology, precise fertilizer control technology put to use the automatic control technology, computer technology, sensor technology, etc., which can improve the accuracy of preparation of water and fertilizer solution concentration, and make the management of irrigation and fertilization intelligently, and also timing quantitative irrigation and fertilization for crop is guaranteed to improve the yield and quality.


Precision irrigation Fertilization Automatic control technology 



This project was supported by the Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety of Tianjin University (Grant No. HESS-1755) and the Scientific Research and Development Foundation of Tianjin Agricultural University (Grant No. 2016NYB05).


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