Application of Nanoparticles in Treating Periodontitis: Preclinical and Clinical Overview

  • Nathalia Mercado
  • Priyanka Bhatt
  • Vijaykumar Sutariya
  • Fernando Luis Esteban Florez
  • Yashwant V PathakEmail author


Periodontitis involves infection of the gums and other structures such as the periodontal ligaments, and the alveolar bone. The disease results in the formation of periodontal pockets and bone loss, and the tooth may fall out. Nanoparticles have gained a lot of use with various dental applications due to their unique properties that make them suitable for drug delivery. Due to the small size of nanoparticles, they are able to deliver the drug to particular tissues, cells or pathogens in the periodontal pockets. In addition, they display antimicrobial activity by destroying bacterial cell membranes and killing the bacteria. There are several different nanomaterials that are used to treat periodontal disease, such as liposomes, lipid and polymeric nanoparticles, and dendrimers. There has also been development of delivery systems for drugs, proteins, and cells. These include nanocapsules, nanoscaffolds, nanocoatings, and nanoshells. This chapter reviews the use of nanotechnology applications in dentistry and the different types of nanoparticles.


Chitosan nanoparticle Drug delivery Metal nanoparticles Antimicrobial 


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  • Priyanka Bhatt
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  • Fernando Luis Esteban Florez
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  • Yashwant V Pathak
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