Skull Base Clinical Syndromes

  • Jagarlapudi M. K. Murthy
  • Subhendu Parida


Clinical manifestations fungal infections of fungal infections of central nervous system are varied and on occasions give a clue to the possible fungal pathogen. Morphology and size of the fungus determine the pathology and consequently the presenting clinical syndromes. Skull base clinical syndromes are the common presenting features of invasive Aspergillus spp. and Mucorales spp. In countries with temperate climates, skull base clinical syndromes are often the presenting clinical features in patients with sino-cranial Aspergillosis, mostly in immunocompetent individuals.


Skull base syndromes Sino-cranial aspergillosis Chronic meningitis Skull base osteomyelitis 



Central nervous system


Computed tomography


Magnetic resonance imaging


Skull base osteomyelitis


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  • Jagarlapudi M. K. Murthy
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  • Subhendu Parida
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