Applications of Ion-Exchange Chromatography in Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Sayed M. Derayea
  • Hytham M. AhmedEmail author


Ion-exchange chromatography represents a versatile way for the separation of highly polar (acidic and basic) compounds including pharmaceuticals, whereas the use of reversed-phase chromatography is not feasible. Symmetrical peaks with suitable retention times and exclusive selectivity were achieved using such technique. Compounds with strong UV absorption could be easily analyzed. However, for the analysis of substances lacking UV absorbance, several approaches have been followed to overcome the problem of using buffer salts (such as phosphate) which prevent the use of universal detectors. One of these approaches was the use of indirect UV detection. Alternatively, the mixed-mode column has been used in which volatile buffer solutions were applied; therefore, universal detectors can be applied. In addition to quantitative analysis, ion-exchange chromatography has been widely applied for sample purification or preconcentration steps prior to analysis.

List of Abbreviations


Diode array detector


Electrospray ionization


Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography


Mixed anion exchange


Mixed cation exchange


Mass spectrometry




Polybutadiene-coated zirconia


Positively charged reversed phase


Reversed-phase liquid chromatography


Strong anion exchange


Strong cation exchange


Solid-phase extraction




Weak cation exchange


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  2. 2.Pharmaceutical Analysis Department, Faculty of PharmacyMenoufia UniversityShibin El KomEgypt

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