Synchrotron X-Ray Real-Time Studies of the Nucleation and Growth of Intermetallic Phases in Solidification

  • Jiawei MiEmail author
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In this paper, real-time, direct observation of the nucleation of primary Al2Cu phases on entrained oxide films during the solidification of an Al-35%Cu alloy, and the change of growth mode from planner to dendritic type structure of Al3Ni phases in an Al-15%Ni alloy under a pulse magnetic field are presented and discussed. Real-time synchrotron X-ray radiography provides clear and unambiguous evidence to confirm that the entrained oxide films can indeed directly nucleate primary Al2Cu intermetallic phases. Combining radiography and tomography together, the critical conditions of changing growth mode from a planner to dendritic type for the Al3Ni phases were also clearly revealed. The research demonstrates that synchrotron X-ray-based real-time characterisation techniques are the indispensable tools for quantitative solidification research.


Synchrotron X-rays In situ study Intermetallic phases Solidification External fields 



The author would like to acknowledge the financial support from the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) for the Ultra-Cast project [Grants Nos. EP/L019965/1, EP/L019884/1, EP/L019825/1]. The awards of synchrotron X-ray beam time by Synchrotron SOLEIL, France [Proposal No. 20160076], and Diamond Light Source (MT13488-1, MT13488-2), UK, are also gratefully acknowledged.


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