Numerical Process Modelling and Simulation of Campbell Running Systems Designs

  • Chengcheng Lyu
  • Michail Papanikolaou
  • Mark JollyEmail author
Conference paper
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In the 1980s, John Campbell developed a new casting process from his research in the industry over a number of years. The Cosworth process was for delivering very high-quality aluminium components for the automotive industry. The process was very capital-intensive and not very flexible for smaller companies delivering lower volumes of product. However, the principles behind the process have been taken and used to develop a range of different so-called running systems to help improve the quality of castings. Some of these designs have been published in ‘Castings Handbook’ [1] authored by Campbell. This paper presents the results of an MSc project during which a number of the proposed designs from Campbell’s Mini Casting Handbook [2] for certain features in running systems have been modelled using a validated CFD software.


Gravity sand casting Running system design Numerical simulation Vortex gate Trident gate Bubble trap Multiple-in-gate Air entrainment Gate velocity 


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  • Chengcheng Lyu
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  • Michail Papanikolaou
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  • Mark Jolly
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