Africa and Space

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  • Okeletsang Mookeletsi
  • Anton Alberts
  • Alexander Gairiseb
Part of the Southern Space Studies book series (SOSPST)


The African Union has elected to be active in space exploration as part of its Agenda 2063, African Space Policy and Strategy (ASPS), and has taken steps towards creating an African Space Agency. There are also various space-related activities already underway within some member states which the African Union may leverage since active participation and initiation of space-related activities in Africa will make progress towards meeting the continent’s socio-economic challenges. This chapter explores the ASPS, other continental space initiatives, how space law as an international piece of legislation evolved with time alongside the evolution of space exploration and the legal aspects and precedents that Africa will need to engage into develop its member States’ national laws juxtaposed with international laws, continental engagement in the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, plus debates and initiatives around the African Space Agency. The particular focus on legal aspects is important since space law is a subset of international law and regulates all activities in and relating to outer space, and no holistic understanding of any area of space activities is possible without what the law is and how it works.


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