Recent Developments in Chitosan-Based Nanocomposites

  • Swaroopini Ramachandran
  • Malladi Rajinipriya
  • Jeremie Soulestin
  • Malladi NagalakshmaiahEmail author


Chitosan is the second most abundant natural biopolymer available on the earth. Chitosan possesses its own identity among various other biopolymers due to its remarkable structural, chemical and mechanical properties. Recently, chitosan-based materials have emerged as ideal candidates for a wide range of applications such as biomedical, tissue engineering, filter and composite fields. This is mainly due to their accessibility for surface modification along with their non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable properties. Chitosan-incorporated composites appeared as most astonishing in their physical and mechanical properties. This chapter highlights the structural chemistry, extraction process and the different preparation methods of chitosan-based composites, along with most interesting, advanced studies developed from last decade.


Chitosan Structural chemistry Nanocomposites Wound dressing and biomedical applications 


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