Examples of Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits

  • Horst ZimmermannEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics book series (MICROELECTR., volume 13)


In this chapter the full variety of silicon receiver OEICs in digital and analog techniques will be introduced. Examples of optical receivers range from low-power synchronous digital circuits for massively parallel optical interconnects and three-dimensional optical storage to asynchronous Gb/s fiber receivers. Hybrid integrated laser drivers are included as examples of optical emitters. Low-offset analog OEICs for two-dimensional optical storage systems like digital-versatile-disk (DVD) and digital-video-recording (DVR) will be described as well as image sensors. Among various optical sensors for industrial and medical applications, smart pixel sensors as well as distance measurement circuits leading to 3D cameras and paving the way to innovative cameras-on-a-chip (CoC) will be presented. Furthermore, very interesting 3D sensors with pin and single-photon avalanche diodes are described. Techniques like integrated voltage-up-converters and the four-quarter POF receiver approach for speed enhancement of OEICs as well as newer POF receivers will also be introduced. Innovative solutions to overcome the bandwidth limitations of integrated resistors in transimpedance amplifiers are described. Developments of burst-mode and deep-sub-\(\upmu \)m receivers are additionally addressed. Newest integrated receivers for optical wireless communication with pin and avalanche photodiodes are included. Two highly parallel optical receivers with total data rates of up to 140 Gb/s are described. Furthermore, highly innovative SPAD receivers eliminating electronic noise and reducing the gap to the quantum limit are introduced. A comparison of fiber and optical interconnect receivers plus an innovative optoelectronical PLL circuit as well as a summary are finally included.


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